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                               HEALTHY SCHOOL GRANTS



The Monroe Owen County Medical Society (MOCMS) is dedicated to the provision of quality health care in our community.  The goal of the MOCMS Healthy Schools Grant program is to provide healthy-living educational opportunities for elementary/middle school students in Monroe and Owen Counties. 


The Grant Program


The MOCMS believes that a significant way of impacting student healthy living is to fund the implementation of healthy programs at the school and encourage follow through at home.  The MOCMS Board will evaluate each grant request presented to ensure that it addresses all of the grant requirements presented below.  If approved by the MOCMS Board for funding, the winning program coordinators will be contacted by MOCMS staff.  Past projects can be found on the MOCMS website at .  Programs may be presented before/after school or during school hours as approved by the school principal.

This year’s grant recipients include the following projects:

  • Coordinated School Health Department is working with Playworks, a national nonprofit with a regional branch in Indianapolis.  Playworks provides a variety of services to schools, including a Pro Staff Training for school representatives.  The funds from this grant will pay for training and ongoing professional development for staff members.  This program will improve recess experience for students in local county schools and allow an opportunity for play which is important for their physical, mental, social and emotional health.

  • Templeton Elementary School provides a Monthly Day of Fitness and Fun for all their students in grades Pre-K to sixth grade.  This program is designed for each different age group of the school to participate in an hour of activities that promote positive attitudes such as enthusiasm, confidence, cooperation, and integrity, along with physical movement.  The funds from this grant will be used for equipment for fitness and fun and can be used indoors or outdoors.  The activities will provide chances for skill development of all types of learners.

  • Tri-North Middle School knows that many students deal with anxiety, depression and other social and mental issues.  Studies have shown that plants provide needed stimuli to provide health benefits for these issues.  Plants can also lower stress levels for teachers and students.  Tri-North Garden Club students will create terrariums that teachers can place in spaces for students to be able to calm down, relax and reset themselves.  Grant funding will provide the cost of terrariums and necessary contents.



Tri North students build terrariums to promote a peaceful, healthy setting for both students and staff.


In early 2020, MOCMS proudly made a donation to the MCCSC Foundation for the purchase of a Stem to Them Mobile Lab. The mobile STEM lab will travel to all MCCSC elementary schools twice during each school year, engaging more than 6,000 students annually in hands-on project based learning. Students will enter the lab ready to explore STEM through a lens of play, investigation, and fun while increasing proficiency in STEM subjects. They will be immersed in real-world inspired projects that give them the freedom to create, construct, problem solve, and become better thinkers.

In partnership with the City of Bloomington and the Local Council of Women, Bloomington Health Foundation launched a new social services database of over 1,800 resources, Helping Bloomington Monroe, that can assist in finding free and reduced-cost services for health care, food access, childcare options, emergency shelter, and more.

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