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The Monroe Owen  County Medical Society is devoted to improving the professional status and well-being of physicians in our community. The rewards of membership come from the knowledge that you have joined other physicians that practice or live in Monroe or Owen County to advocate for quality medical care for our community. Together we can make a difference!

Join Now

Physician Membership Fee: $690.00

Fee breakdown:

$200.00 MOCMS Membership

$490.00 Indiana State Medical Association Membership

Click here to sign up! 


You will be redirected to the ISMA Membership application page, which provides you membership to both the MOCMS and ISMA.

Member Benefits

  • Representation by peers at local and state meetings, as well as government and civic representation.

  • Advocacy for physicians and patients at the state and national level. Together we can change legislation in positive ways for the medical profession.

  • Networking with other physicians, spouses and families at social gatherings, educational forums and annual meetings.

  •  Contributions to organizations that educate and advance health care in our community.

  • Healthy School Grant program that provides annual healthy-living education for K-12 students in Monroe and Owen counties.

  • Office staff to handle member requests and to respond to patient inquiries about medical records and other medical issues.

  • Informative newsletters (3x/yr) featuring relevant articles and updates.

  • Forums on legislative and local medical issues.

  • Annual directory of physician members.

  • Leadership/Executive Committee member opportunities – The MOCMS Executive Committee meetings are open to every member. We encourage physicians to get involved by attending meetings or seeking a rewarding executive position.

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