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From the President
Dr. Laura Knudson
 April 2021

Happy Spring!


This year’s celebration of renewal is different than previous times. In addition to the usual signs of life this year—daffodils carpeting hillsides, robins cheerfully singing, and sun cascading onto budding trees—we also can celebrate vaccination shipments, waitlists and appointments, and selfies of shots. Spring has taken on a whole different meaning this year for many of us.

MOCMS has been reinventing and renewing itself a few different ways this year. We completed a 2 year journey through reviewing and rewriting our bylaws, and are now up to date and current with the times. Many thanks to our amazing bylaws committee-- Dr. Dan Lodge-Rigal, Dr. Carrie Davis, Dr. Tashera Perry and Dr. Jim Faris—for their hard work and attention to detail. See Dr. Lodge-Rigal’s article inside for more details on this accomplishment. We also have been considering how to strengthen our ties with the Indiana University School of Medicine-Bloomington by including medical students in our MOCMS activities. Stay tuned as we continue to explore this relationship.

We continued to strengthen Bloomington community ties this year by granting Bloomington High School North a Healthy Schools Grant to create a Calm Space. Thanks to this grant, students will have a dedicated space and activities to help them cope with the rigors of school and the challenges of adolescence during the COVID-19 pandemic. MOCMS will offer Health Schools Grants annually.

Within MOCMS, we maintain our ties with our members by offering socially distanced book clubs and working on options for our Fall General Meeting. Our quarterly book clubs, led by Dr. Christal Greene, alternate fiction and non-fiction monthly and have been an enjoyable way to connect and discuss new topics. Our most recent book, “A Mother’s Reckoning” while challenging, offered new insights into mental health and suicide prevention. Our upcoming book club (4/23/21) will review “The Kite Runner.” Please feel free to join even if you have not read the book—you can still participate in the conversation and collegiality.

On a sobering note, MOCMS lost a deeply valued colleague recently when Dr. John Wrasse, of Riley Pediatrics, passed away unexpectedly this February. Dr. Wrasse is survived by his wife Lisa and his two daughters. We all recall his kindness and positive energy, and dedication to his patients. MOCMS has made a donation to the John Wrasse Memorial Scholarship.

After a year of many losses of many types, sunshine and spring can bring hope in the future. Renewal and the reminders of the good in all of us comes in many forms, and from many sources this time of year. Whether your renewal comes from a religious holiday, a hike in blossoming woods, or knowing that your circle is vaccinated against COVID, I hope that it breathes fresh life and hope into every day moving forward.


Let’s keep in touch.


Laura B. Knudson, MD


Monroe Owen County Medical Society

The Monroe Owen County Medical Society is dedicated to the provision of quality health care in our community.

The efforts of the society shall be directed toward: general supervision of the affairs of the medical profession of the county; improvement in the scientific and professional ability of each physician within its jurisdiction; dissemination of the attitudes and recommendations of the society on technical matters pertaining to the medical aspects of community life;  improvement in the general esteem and prestige which the medical profession possesses in the community; and the inclusion within the membership of the society of all physicians living in the county who are eligible for membership.