From the President
Dr. Christal Greene
 April 2022

Greetings fellow MOCMS members!

As my inaugural communication with you, I hope this newsletter finds you well.

This spring feels like we are coming alive, not only from winter, but from some of the COVID related social constraints as well. As we welcome more sunlight in the evenings, our family will look forward to strolling through campus to Buffalouies for wings or Hartzell’s for ice cream. My two sons are anticipating the Blue Man Group performance at IU Auditorium coming soon which is also within walking distance for us.

As I write this letter, COVID numbers have continued to trend in the right direction. Masks are no longer mandated in MCCSC schools, although both of my sweet children chose to continue to wear theirs for now. Transitions can be hard… As an anesthesiologist, we have been notified IUH will stop preop COVID testing of asymptomatic patients next week. Additional anticipated transitions…

Since the last newsletter, I would like to catch you up on what has been occurring with MOCMS. On Valentine’s Day, we organized and co-sponsored a Show the Love event for the hospital team members. It was enjoyable to put together some appreciation goody bags and to see the employee’s reactions when they received them.

For a little over three years, we have held a quarterly book club. The non-fiction book Canary in the Coal Mine by Dr Will Cooke was discussed at our most recent book club in early March. A pretty impactful and insightful read for sure. Dr. Cooke was actually the keynote speaker at our 2019 MOCMS Fall General Meeting prior to his book release.

In late March, the MOCMS Women in Medicine held an event at the Bloomington Country Club presenting the Clifton Strengths program. The participants enjoyed assessing their individual strengths and sharing with other physicians. See article about Clifton Strengths inside the newsletter.

Also inside this newsletter, see the invitation for the Spring General Meeting, which will be held May 14, 2022 at IU’s Bart Kaufman Field. This has been one of the most popular events for MOCMS pre-COVID. This is an excellent opportunity to have fun, bring your families, and meet with your fellow physicians.

MOCMS wants to be available for each and every member. What can be done for you? Are there events that you would like to see planned? We welcome your input and hope you will reach out to us through email at [email protected] or call at 812-332-4033.

Take care and stay in touch!

Christal L. Greene, MD
Monroe Owen County Medical Society

The Monroe Owen County Medical Society is dedicated to the provision of quality health care in our community.

The efforts of the society shall be directed toward: general supervision of the affairs of the medical profession of the county; improvement in the scientific and professional ability of each physician within its jurisdiction; dissemination of the attitudes and recommendations of the society on technical matters pertaining to the medical aspects of community life;  improvement in the general esteem and prestige which the medical profession possesses in the community; and the inclusion within the membership of the society of all physicians living in the county who are eligible for membership.