From the President
Dr. Laura Knudson
 Fall 2020

Happy Fall 2020!

Ah, a pandemic fall.  The crisp air as it filters through your mask.  Crunching leaves as you veer off the sidewalk to avoid passersby.  Surges of parental angst as you jab at the non-functioning link on your child’s school iPad.  The smoke of tailgating in your own yard as you watch a 2018 game on YouTube. 

This certainly isn’t the year we thought we would have.  We’ve all been called on to be more flexible, more aware and more dedicated than any other time in our past.  While I certainly would welcome some “precedented times,” we are at a crossroads of many aspects of our lives, and we have a marvelous opportunity to decide what paths we want to travel.  This isn’t the same type of emergency or crisis that many of us have trained for.  Constructing a new normal many times over is much more of a marathon than a sprint.  But I know that our attention to science, our fortitude, our connections with humanity and each other will see us to new places that will be unprecedented… but in a good way. 

MOCMS continues to assist with these connections by continuing our traditions in a safer manner.  Our Fall General Meeting on 9/29/2020 will be held virtually and focus on the racial inequities that impact all of our medical practices, as we have Jada Bee, a guest speaker from Black Lives Matter.  This talk will be followed by a facilitated discussion to help us digest this information and how it applies to our personal and professional lives.  We also are holding the Book Club in a safer space by meeting in a physically distanced manner at the Bryan Park Woodlawn Shelter on 10/02/2020 where we will be discussing “Black Man in a White Coat” by Damon Tweedy, MD.  Those who prefer to join virtually should be able to, as well.  Please come even if you haven’t read the book—our book club discussions are a great way to connect and laugh!  Lastly, the IMSA annual convention will be held virtually.  ISMA continues to work on behalf of our physicians in many ways including through legislation, up to date COVID-19 information, and a recent campaign reminding patients to “Check in for a Check Up” and maintain their preventive and routine care even during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Today’s newsletter describes some of the many ways that Bloomington continues to impress and make positive waves throughout the nation and world.  Our Bloomington Mask Drive now has 4 locations for picking up newly made masks and dropping off donated masks or supplies and has donated over 30,000 masks since March 2020.  Indiana University’s ambitious move-in and mitigation testing program to protect its students and the Bloomington community made national news.  MOCMS’s Healthy Schools Grants have continued to enrich the minds and bodies of Bloomington students both before and after the pandemic began.

We are all affected by this pandemic, and some are definitely affected more than others.  We are all in the same storm, but our watercraft are vastly different.  I’d like to particularly recognize our teachers, educators, and school staff for their dedication and acknowledge the many challenges they have faced.  We all owe our current professions to our education, and I encourage you to reach out to school employees to thank them right now.  In a world with no right answers, we are all working to make choices less bad—and schools are doing so much of that work.

This year isn’t what we had imagined, not by a long shot.  It will continue to change in ways we haven’t yet considered.  But just as we may counsel our patients who receive life-changing diagnoses, it helps to enjoy the little moments, take deep breaths, and invest your time and energy in something valuable to you.  Sending you all strength, stamina and connection as we move into this fall.  Let’s keep in touch.

Laura B. Knudson, MD
Monroe Owen County Medical Society

The Monroe Owen County Medical Society is dedicated to the provision of quality health care in our community.

The efforts of the society shall be directed toward: general supervision of the affairs of the medical profession of the county; improvement in the scientific and professional ability of each physician within its jurisdiction; dissemination of the attitudes and recommendations of the society on technical matters pertaining to the medical aspects of community life;  improvement in the general esteem and prestige which the medical profession possesses in the community; and the inclusion within the membership of the society of all physicians living in the county who are eligible for membership. 

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